Left to right: Mary Clonts, physical therapist assistant; Michelle Bartee; and Christine Edwards, occupational therapist

Michelle Bartee came to Life Care Center of Red Bank in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for rehabilitation after having pneumonia and respiratory failure.


When she arrived on Feb. 10, 2018, Bartee needed extensive assistance for bathing and moderate assistance for getting dressed, walking, transfers and standing balance. She also needed some help with her daily grooming routine, bed mobility and sitting balance.


Physical therapists helped Bartee practice her gait in the parallel bars and using a four-wheel walker. She used the DynaDisc® balance platform to train in standing balance, and a stepper exercise machine, treadmill, weights and resistance bands helped her increase her strength and endurance. Occupational therapists trained her in daily self-care tasks and basic homemaking skills like cooking and making the bed. Even a virtual reality system helped her practice real-world motions.


Bartee participated in the Ready… Set… Go! program, which prepared her to be safe once she went home.


“They wanted me to get better,” said Bartee about her care team.


And get better she did. Bartee returned home independently on March 24.