Left to right: Carrie Ashton, physical therapist; Chris Edwards, occupational therapist; Robin Fech; and Ocellia Whatley, occupational therapist assistant

A mountain vacation took an unfortunate turn for Robin Fech after she fell and fractured her spine, lower left leg, left foot and toe on her left foot.


Fech was admitted to Life Care Center of Red Bank in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for rehabilitation in November 2018.


Upon admission, Fech could not stand or walk, and she required assistance to perform basic hygiene tasks and dress herself. She also experienced difficulty regarding her general cognition and her ability to communicate effectively.


Life Care Center of Red Bank’s physical, occupational and speech therapists worked with Fech to help her regain her walking and standing abilities, improve her ability to perform self-care tasks and sharpen her awareness and communication skills.


Fech’s physical therapist used a Biodex Balance System, among other activities and exercises, to assess and improve Fech’s standing and walking abilities. Occupational therapists helped Fech regain her ability to independently perform everyday tasks. Her speech therapist worked to rehabilitate her cognition and communication skills.


“Robin always worked cooperatively with therapy to maximize her progress,” said Christine Edwards, registered occupational therapist. “She was open to learning new ideas and techniques while adhering to her precautions. She was not only a pleasure to have as a patient, but she was an encourager to the other patients and residents.”


Fech’s determination in therapy paid off. Upon the conclusion of her therapy, Fech could stand and walk independently, perform hygiene tasks without help, perform daily tasks like dressing herself with no assistance and express herself fully and effectively.


“I enjoyed knowing that every day I was here, I was getting better,” Fech said with a smile.


Fech completed her therapy on Dec. 24. She is set to begin outpatient therapy at a facility in Georgia.