Associates pose with Simpson

Jennifer Simpson, was admitted to Life Care Center of Red Bank, Tennessee, on March 16, 2017, after suffering a stroke following a routine surgery.


The stroke affected both sides of her body.


When Simpson arrived, she required total assistance with most tasks, including mobility and eating, with extensive assistance in walking, cognition and speaking. She was unable to eat anything by mouth and had to have a feeding tube.


Simpson met with speech language pathologists and occupational therapists five times a week and physical therapists six times a week. Therapists used LiteGait equipment to help her regain mobility and VitalStim® therapy to help with her speech.


“Jennifer, being a mother of two young children, was determined to return home and care for her family,” said Cayce Weekley, physical therapist. “She was willing to try new and challenging therapy interventions to reach her goal of walking again.”


After three months of therapy, Simpson was able to perform most tasks independently, with others requiring only supervision or minimal assistance. She was also on a normal diet.


“Everyone was real nice,” said Simpson. “I never thought I would walk again until I came here.”


Simpson returned home to her family on June 28.